Graphic Design
and Art Direction
since 2001

Based in the city of Manchester, I’ve been a Graphic Designer since 2001, with experience in both print and digital design, and a passion for photography.

Working closely with clients from many industries, I enjoy the challenge a new brief presents, whether it be a brand / identity design, an engaging poster or a complete mobile-first website.

As a self-taught coder of HTML markup and CSS styling, in recent years I’ve vastly increased my knowledge of the web and how best to present websites for mobile and desktop devices, with an emphasis on semantic HTML for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Making clients smile is my biggest win. Giving them something professionally designed, which helps to communicate their message and company values, is a real source of personal pride.

... Bonneville Salt Flats, September 2017


I don’t remember how, but I started listening to the Manchester band New Order when I was around 12 years old. I’d spend my pocket money, to my Mum’s bemusement, on their cassette albums, Republic being the first when it was released in 1993.

I studied the inlay card. Peter Saville was the Graphic Designer. I asked my art teacher what that was, he explained, I decided that’s what I wanted to be... GCSE Art, A-Level Art, BTEC Diploma in Art & Design (Manchester Metropolitan University, School of Art & Design), then a degree in Graphic Design at the renowned University of Salford Art & Design Department, with the external examiner being Peter Saville himself!

After graduating with a First in 2001 (BA(Hons) Graphic Design), I did a few freelance jobs for a variety of clients, which led to me working full time with David Hague (CEO, Mission Labs). Dave gave me my first full time job as a Graphic Designer and I’ll always be grateful for that.

I was working with him when Adam Patton (Product Director, Checkd Group) joined the team, and he and I became good friends with our shared love for graphic design and raving at Sankeys on the weekend!

After a number of years working closely with Adam and forming our own company, T5C Ltd., we built the Fantasy iTeam app and worked on many other projects until I left the company to become a freelancer in 2013.

In late 2014 I started working as a contractor for the metal recycler, European Metal Recycling Ltd. (EMR), taking the permanent position of in-house Graphic Designer in mid-2016.

By late 2020, I decided that I wanted more freedom and to expand my creative output for a wider variety of clients, so became a freelancer again... and here I am today!

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