Harnessing the power of carefully considered form design to elicit a response and give credibility to this metal recycler's perceived professionalism

Project: Various
Client: European Metal Recycling Ltd.
When: November 2015 - December 2020

Forms are boring, but often necessary, whether they need to be completed digitally or in ink. Designing forms could be considered boring too, but I've always enjoyed the challenge of making them engaging and professional looking enough to encourage completion.

EMR's forms were originally of the typical kind, i.e. 'designed' in either Word or sometimes Excel. This meant that they didn't look professional or serious, so over many years I improved their design with an eye for user experience (UX) and a methodical layout.

Container Inspection Report (NCR)
Account Application Form
Driver's Vehicle Defect Report (NCR)
Container Inspection Report (NCR), Account Application Form and Driver's Vehicle Defect Report (NCR)

In an industry where the recipients of these forms can often be tech illiterate, paper-based solutions continue to rule, so whilst ideally they might be presented on electronic devices, paper forms are still necessary to capture important data.

Motor Vehicle Accident Roadside Report Form (side 1)
Motor Vehicle Accident Roadside Report Form (side 2)

In most cases I designed forms to be completed in ink, but also made them editable in PDF format, to be completed on a desktop computer.

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