Mini Brochure

A geographically-targeted mini brochure for a US audience, promoting the benefits of doing business with this metal recycler in the state of Texas and nearby

Project: Gold Metal Recyclers
Client: European Metal Recycling Ltd.
When: December 2016

For the purpose of promoting its scrap metal recycling credentials in the USA, especially in and around Texas, EMR asked me to design a mini brochure presenting its services and locations in The Lone Star State for its subsidiary, Gold Metal Recyclers.

Set in A4-size, as finding a reliable printer in the US became problematic, the brochure included die cuts to hold a US size business card (3.5" x 2", as opposed to the European standard of 85mm x 55mm).

A4-size mini brochure back and front cover

The inner layout featured photography of the typical metal products the company buys and sells and included image traced vectors of a material handler grab and scrap metal heaps to set the scene, in four clearly delineated quarters.

A4-size mini brochure inner pages (x2)

As a nod to one of my favourite science fiction films, Starship Troopers, I added the line "Would you like to know more?" in the bottom right section. I wonder if anyone noticed the reference? 😀

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