Mini Brochure

A geographically-targeted mini brochure promoting the benefits of doing business with this metal recycler, while revealing its UK-wide reach

Project: Introduction to EMR
Client: European Metal Recycling Ltd.
When: October 2017

In order to promote its business as a trusted metal recycler to partner with, EMR asked me to design a mini brochure explaining its proposition and displaying its locations in targeted regions of the UK.

Compact and portable in A5-size, with a space for a business card, it was designed to be smart and professional looking, helping the company to shed its perceived image of being just another scrap metal merchant.

A5-size mini brochure back and front cover

The front cover featured triangular and circular shapes, illustrative of scrap mountains (also used in other branded work, including signage), with the back cover displaying the company's UK-wide reach and a focus on a particular region.

A5-size mini brochure inner pages (x2)

There was a fair amount of content for the inner pages, which I split into four areas to create variety and to make each part distinctive and engaging. Photographs that I'd taken over the years gave the design a sense of realism, illustrating the typical machinery used by the company inside and outside of its scrap yards.

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