Kickstarting the return of a much requested internal company newsletter, which had gone on hiatus for a few years

Project: The Cutting Edge
Client: European Metal Recycling Ltd.
When: August 2016 - March 2017

During the noughties, EMR produced an internal newsletter, The Cutting Edge, which was printed in volume and given to employees across the company. It featured the latest news and views from the metal recycler and gave an insight into its wide-ranging operations in the sector.

Front cover from the Summer 2016 edition
Front cover from the Autumn 2016 edition
Front cover from the Spring 2017 edition
Front covers from the Summer 2016, Autumn 2016 and Spring 2017 editions

Unfortunately, a change of leadership in the Marketing Department and a decision to cut costs meant that its publication was stopped for a number of years before it was resurrected in 2016 after many requests from employees who fondly remembered reading it.

Example of inner pages
Example of a double-page spread

With a format of A3-size, content was gathered from a number of internal sources, from which I designed many layouts including double-page spreads.

The front covers featured strong photography, with the intention of attracting attention and making it relevant to the company's employees.

I was involved with the project for three editions until I was moved to working on the signage project, with its continuation designed by an external freelancer.

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