Making print visually engaging in a busy environment to attract attention and get the point across

Project: Various, safety-related
Client: European Metal Recycling Ltd.
When: May 2016 - April 2018

Over a number of years, I designed many safety-related posters with the purpose of not only communicating important messages, but to stand out in a busy environment, both indoors and outdoors.

Imagine a doctor's surgery, with A4-size notices pinned all over the wall. EMR's depots were similar, but with many more notices on display, some now defunct and dog-eared. To have impact amongst the noise, posters had to be proper posters in the sense of the word (i.e. bigger than A4-size) and be engaging enough through the use of colour and typography to be read and absorbed.

85 Decibels, A2-size poster

For the 85 Decibels poster above, I made use of layering to make the number 85 pop out from the background (which includes the text "Did you hear?") in a rich black against the yellow and exceed the bleed bounds to give a sense of volume and make it loud.

Be Visible, A2-size poster

For the Be Visible poster above, I hunted high and low for a suitable stock photo of someone dressing with a high-visibility (hi-vis) vest, then carefully isolated it using Photoshop. The headline is presented with a blurred layer to simulate a glow, further communicating the idea of being visible.

Keep Your Guard Up, A2-size poster

For the Keep Your Guard Up poster above, which was to encourage safe working practices around machinery, I designed a grid to simulate a machine guard, with the headline 'protected' by it behind. After studying a power source control dial, a hasp and padlock, I used Illustrator to produce the pictograms.

Working at Height, A3-size posters (x2)

For the Working at Height two poster campaign above, I wrote the headlines and motto because the original brief was very basic and needed something more memorable. The colour red was chosen to stand out and reinforce the sense of danger.

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