A logo, identity and user-interface for a very successful iOS fantasy football app in the early years of the smartphone

Project: Fantasy iTeam (FiT)
Client: T5C Ltd. / Fantasy iTeam Ltd.
When: May 2009 - December 2013

In late 2009, two years after the release of the iPhone and in a world where smartphones were becoming dominant, three of us from the company 2ergo left and formed our own company, T5C Ltd., with a focus on designing and developing a fantasy football app for iOS devices.

Based in skeuomorphism, a term most often used in graphical user interface design to describe interface objects that mimic their real-world counterparts in how they appear and/or how the user can interact with them, we developed an intuitive application which was positively received, gaining a majority of five-star reviews in the App Store.

The Fantasy iTeam (FiT) logo using the concept of illusory contours to place a dot on the letter 'i'
The app icon, styled according to typical designs of the time

The job was intensive, derived from many sessions wireframing each and every page view of the app, building raster graphics in Photoshop so that all buttons had on and off states, with the interface giving a real-world feel (very on trend at the time).

Home Screen
Match Centre
iTeam Summary
World Championship leaderboard
Home Screen, Match Centre, Newsfeed, iTeam Summary and World Championship leaderboard

The app's success was recognised by the betting industry, which led to a partnership with Betfred and other high profile companies later in its life and is now branded as Fantasy Hub - Football Manager from Footy Accumulators and Checkd Media.

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