An A5-size flyer design for the 40th birthday party of a DJ who’s a rave veteran and also a huge Star Wars fan

Project: Forty But Nice
Client: Steven Lee
When: April 2016

Before the summer of 2016, an old friend of mine approached me to design a flyer promoting the 40th birthday party of her husband, Steven, who loves 'old skool' house music and is a veteran of the rave scene.

His love for the genre, and for Star Wars, steered the design, which featured the ubiquitous Smiley Face and the Death Star, drawing inspiration from rave scene flyer design in the nineties.

A5-size flyer, front and back

The colour scheme was intentionally bright and punchy, using 100% yellow and 100% magenta together with a rich black. The typeface used was ITC Avant Garde Gothic, which was once favoured by the likes of the Ministry of Sound nightclub in London for their dance albums.

The party was held in an old warehouse in Manchester and was a huge success... from what I can remember!

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