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A new identity for one of the UK's most successful, future-facing telecommunications companies

Project: Invosys Logo
Client: Invosys Ltd.
When: January - February 2014

In early 2014 I was commissioned to design a new identity for In Call Solutions Ltd., which was rebranding as Invosys (derived from 'Innovative Voice Systems').

Using the typeface Sommet Rounded, I designed the logo by splitting its constituent parts into three, making the 'VO' represent voice by being inside an elevated speech bubble shape.

... The Invosys logo, designed with the typeface Sommet Rounded

This well received work led to more commissions, including the design of identities for the company's product range, which in some cases were designed to be standalone products in the telecommunications market.

Logomark featuring the speech bubble from the main logo
Product identity: Office Flex (using the typeface DIN)
Product identity: MoVo (custom letterforms)
Product identity: Agent Ready (using the typeface DIN)
... The logomark as a coaster and a branded notepad

The Invosys logo and use of the chosen brand typeface continues today, which I'd like to think has helped give the company a professional look when dealing with its industry clients.

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