Concise and recognisable logos for a variety of applications, developed with care and a focus on simplicity

Project: T5C, T5C Gaming and other logos
Clients: T5C Ltd. and others
When: 2009 - 2019

In late 2009, three of us from a company based in Salford Quays left and formed our own company to focus on the development of iOS apps for the iPhone and later the iPad (see the Fantasy iTeam project).

We spent a while thinking of what to call the organisation and settled on T5C, referring to The Fifth Column. I'm a keen science fiction fan (TV and movies) and was inspired by the name of the breakaway rebel group in the 1983 TV show, V, so managed to convince my colleagues that T5C would suit.

I wanted the logo to be distinctive and similar in style to the logos you might find on computer hardware, such as microchips and printed circuit boards.

T5C (The Fifth Column)
T5C Gaming
... T5C (The Fifth Column)
... T5C Gaming

Over the years I've worked on a number of logos for a variety of clients and businesses, including the proposed identities for projects such as 'Box Noodle' (for a take away noodle bar) and 'The Dentist' (for a dental practice in south London).

Box Noodle
The Dentist

During my time working as the in-house Graphic Designer at European Metal Recycling Ltd., I designed many identities for internal applications and initiatives, keeping true to company brand guidelines in both typography and colour.

Integrated Management System
Customer Relationship Management
Metal Moved
Maintain / Repair / Overhaul

Designing logos is something I love to do, seeing a brief turn into a pleasurable challenge and seeing the development to its final conclusion. Making the client smile and get excited about their new identity is also a source of personal pride, especially when seeing their logo in use!

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